Get Ready E3 2018 Tickets Will be on Sale Soon !!

Gaming Community, GET READY!!

Get Ready E3 2018 Tickets Will be on Sale Soon !!

Gamers and media outlets rejoice! The Entertainment Software Association just announced their plans for this years E3 2018, Electronic Entertainment Expo. Due to the big success of last year E3 and the energy that the gaming community brought to the show, the public will be able to attend E3 again this year.

This will be the 23rd E3 ever, the first being E3 1995. E3 is one of the biggest gaming expos around the globe and is usually the home to all big gaming announcements. Through the expo gaming companies show off their upcoming games and hardware. The expo used to be an industry-only event, but that changed last year when it was announced that the public is able to buy tickets to the expedition.

E3 2018 will take place on June 12th through the 14th in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Moreover, it seems like the ESA listened to the feedback it got from the attendees of last year’s even that they are making some changes to the schedule this year. People of the industry and the media will be happy to learn that this year there will be time dedicated to them before letting the public in.

This will relieve some of the crowded lines that occurred last year. This should excite members of the public that are attending to since the media and industry would be done with taking time talking to the developers. Also, even though many companies have their own shows in the days leading to E3, it is definitely worth getting on the show floor. Few of the things that I personally look forward to during the show are:

  • First getting hands-on experience with games that are coming out before anyone else.
  • All The SWAAAAAG, and who doesn’t, they are collectibles attached to the experience.
  • Meeting people from the development team on your favorite games. My personal favorite is meeting Mr. Yoshinori Ono, he is always cheerful and welcoming to fans and he always poses with fans showing his Mini Blanka.
  • Meeting celebrities, some that are associated with certain games, some YouTubers, and some cosplayers. A lot of them are gamers and are there to enjoy some games so keep that in mind. Also, be courteous and respectful when approaching.
  • Meeting members of the gaming community and making friends.

Last year was my first ever E3 convention and overall it was a pleasant and fun experience. We will include a post about how to prepare for game shows as we get closer to E3. Tickets for the public will go on sale Monday, February 12th. The first 1,000 tickets will be $149 after that all tickets will be $249. Tickets will be available for sale through Let us know in the comment section below if you are going to this year E3, and what games you want to try on the show floor.

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Get Ready E3 2018 Tickets Will be on Sale Soon !!

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