GranBlue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Gets a New Game Play Footage

GranBlue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Gets a New Game Play Footage

We are finally getting game play footage for GranBlue Fantasy: Project Re:Link for PlayStation 4. The game developed by Platinum Games and will be published by Cygames. If you don’t know what is GranBlue Fantasy then you are not alone. This mostly because GranBlue Fantasy is a RPG games release on smart phones Japan. GranBlue Fantasy: Project Re:Link was announced for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game was announced 2016 Sony TGS Press Conference, and now we are getting new game play footage. Just escape to 2:20 in this video to get to the good action footage.

GranBlue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Battle Style

The battle part of the game look amazing, you can see the battle against enemies with your 4 members party. Moreover, in the footage you see that you can control the one character. However, we didn’t see if you can switch characters mid battle which I think should by possible. In the end of the boss battle, you can see that all heroes performed especial attack. These especial attacks can be compiled as one big especial attack to deliver big damage to the enemies. Moreover, one of the thing I noticed and loved is the enemies have heath bar that let you know how long the battle might take you. Overall the game play looks amazing and looks promising.

GranBlue Fantasy on Smart Phones

GranBlue Fantasy is a JRPG game developed by Cygames for Android and iOS devices. The game took the main stage at TGS 2015, although the game was only on smart devices and only released in japan. GranBlue Fantasy received wide success and you can see the reviews well enough in the Google android play store and Apple App store.

GrandBlue Fantasy
GrandBlue Fantasy Google Play Reviews
GrandBlue Fantasy
GrandBlue Fantasy Apple app store Reviews

It’s interesting to see the game jump from 2D game for smart phones to full new built anime style 3D game. That reminded me of how long it took Final Fantasy to come to move from 2D to open world 3D.

GranBlue Fantasy: Project Re:Link set to be released on 2018, but we still didn’t get official release date or if it going to be released world wild. I personally thought the game was cancel and forgotten. However, It’s great to see PlatinumGames still working on the GranBlue Fantasy for PlayStation 4. I’m looking forward to seeing how successful the game will by jump from the smart phone market to the console market. Let us know what do you think of the new GranBlue Fantasy: Project Re:Link new footage.

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GranBlue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Gets a New Game Play Footage

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