Code Vein TGS 2017 Hands On Impressions

Code Vein TGS 2017 Hands On Impressions

Today Tokyo Game Show 2017 opened its doors for business and press attendees, and the exhibition floor was full of new games coming from the Japanese and Asian Major studios and Indie developers. One game I had my eyes on since it’s announcement last May is Code Vein, and today after a wait of 90 minutes standing, I had the chance to test it for 20 minutes at Bandai Namco Booth in TGS.

First, when it’s almost my turn, I was given a guide booklet for the Game controls explanation and my objective in this small demotgat I was about to play, it was all in Japanese so I used google translate to decifer the Kanji characters in the guide, I’m still weak at it.

The game is basically a JRPG anime style game similar to the famous Dark Souls games series, where you face tough enemies and you have light and heavy attacks, and also some magic to cast on them. You can try blocking the smaller enemies attacks but dodging works better with bigger ones.

The demo started me in a cave and I was controlling Louis and with me was my female companion Io. The cave it was filled with those enemies, and there were some ambushes where I had to watch out for. The game mechanics felt really similar to Dark Souls, movement, attacks, stamina, and even check points system. After I finished fighting the enemies in the cave, I reached a boss battle outside the cave, and true he was nasty one, with attacks so powerful that one will eat half of my health and they are impossible to block, and dodging was the best then countering his attacks, even though I knew that I couldn’t manage to beat him, I could only finish half of his health.

It may seem similar to Dark Souls, but this isn’t a bad thing at all, although one major difference came to me was that the characters you control actually talk and converse during the game, which gives the Code Vein a different experience, opposite of all the Souls games characters which are mute for some reason. In the end after finishing playing the demo, I was honestly excited to play the whole game once it releases next year.

Here below is a new Code Vein trailer from TGS 2017.

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Code Vein TGS 2017 Hands On Impressions

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