Final Fantasy IX Available for PS4 Now

Final Fantasy IX Available for PS4 Now

During the 2017 PlayStation Press Conference, Square Enix surprised us with out of the blue with a Final Fantasy IX port to the PS4!! The game was also available immediately digitally on all PSN stores worldwide.

The game old graphics and loading time will be boosted, by the power of the PS4, however this is not a full rematester, it’s a simple HD port, similar to the one released on PC and smartphones earlier 2015. The game ofcourse will have trophy support, so enjoy getting that of platinum trophy. As a bonus, If you buy the game you will get a nice FFIX theme for your PS4. 

The game will have game booster that will make your life really easy and enjoy the story and exploring the game world without any trouble, such as unlimited Gil, unlock all abilities for all characters, and quick save. I honestly don’t recommend using any of them because they will take the all joy and challenge of the game.

I truly love Final Fantasy IX, and think to this day, that it’s one of the best FF games to date, however I’m curious why did Square Enix skipped releasing a Final Fantasy VIII on PS4 Or smartphones, I think most of the series old fans will appreciate it, and want to relive this experience again. I personally think that maybe there is a licensing problem with some materials in the game that prevents a re-release of a modern FF VIII in this generation, because the game was released originally back in 1999, so most of the licensing agreements are already expired, here’s to hoping that we will see a FF VIII HD someday.

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Final Fantasy IX Available for PS4 Now

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